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PCB and Hybrid Layout

  • We have experince with following technologies:
    • FR4, Duroid (Rogers)
    • MHMIC (Miniature Hybrid Microwave Integrated Circuit)
    • Flexible substrates
  • Types of Layout designs:
    • High Speed differential lines for multi-Gbps links, including¬† DRAM, Serial IO
    • High density routing (eg. BGA breakout).
    • Very high frequency layout (up to 60 GHz).
    • High power (with thermal analysis).
    • Antenna, wave-guide, coax-cable interfaces (up to 60 GHz).


EMI, SI and EMC simulation of PCB layout

  • 2.5D and 3D EM simulation
    • S-parameter extraction from layout and components models
    • TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) simulations to find sources of SI issues
    • Simulation of radiated emissions from PCB traces and devices.
  • EMI canister design:
    • Full EM and Modal analysis
    • Absorbing material optimization
    • EMI Gasket optimization