Boris Spokoinyi

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Embedded Software

Firmware, Software

  • Linux, FreeRTOS, MQX, no-OS systems.
  • Control systems (PID controllers, Sensor fusion, PWM, DAC/ADC).
  • Keypad/Display interfaces.
  • Flash/EEPROM drivers and custom bootloader solutions.
  • Command Line User interfaces, Web GUI, touch-screen interface.
  • Bus drivers: USB, UART (RS232/RS485), SPI, I2C, etc.

Microcontrollers and CPUs we have experience with:

  • Texas Instruments: MSP430 series.
  • Atmel: MEGA16/32, ATtiny.
  • Freescale/Motorola: Kinetis Cortex based MCUs.
  • Microchip: PIC16/18.
  • IBM: PowerPC.
  • Intel: x86, 8051.
  • ARM: Cortex M3, ARM7.

Firmware/Hardware co-development

  • FPGA softcore-CPU integration (uBlaze, Nios).
  • System-level modeling / analysis.
  • Serial-bus interfaces (SPI, I2C, RS232/485, USB).
  • Software/Firmware-System co-simulation (system control, adaptation algorithms, AI, Artificial Neural Nets, processor code, scheduling algorithms).