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Modeling Services

3D and planar ElectroMagnetic simulation, up to 60GHz

  • Antenna structures (single antennas, phased arrays, feed networks)
  • Distributed structures (transmission lines, filters, diplexers, resonators)
  • Periodic structures (metamaterials, periodically loaded TLs)
  • Lumped Elements (planar inductors, interdigital capacitors, transformers/baluns)
  • RF MEMS devices


Circuit simulation (Spice, ADS)

  • RF/Microwave (Up/Down conversion, synthesizer/PLL, modems, amplifiers, passives)
  • Analog (amplifiers, active filters, bias circuits, Bgap, opamps, T&H amps)
  • Digital and Mixed signal (ADC/DAC, DDS, PLL/DLL, DSP, ALU, Processor interfaces)
  • Opto-Electrical(Light Diodes, Photo Detectors, TIA, VCSEL, fiber)


System simulation

  • Control systems (PID controllers, inertial navigation, sensor fusion)
  • DSP: Interpolation/decimation, FFT, Modulation, Error Control Coding, Framing/Scrambling/Interleaving
  • RF channel modeling
  • Power Amplifier pre-distortion
  • Radar, Imaging
  • Software/Firmware-system co-simulation


Thermal simulation

  • Convection, thermal radiation
  • Heat sink optimization
  • PCB (planes, vias, enclosures)


Mechanical/Structural modeling and simulation

  • Wind loading for antenna masts
  • Vibration analysis
  • Electro-Mechanical systems (MEMS, Robotics)
  • Multibody dynamics and control