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Attenuator Calculator

PI pad attenuator calculator for different input and output impedances with suggestion for standard closest resistors (best return loss)

RF PI pad resistive attenuator schematic
Input Impedance: Ohm
Output Impedance: Ohm
Desired Attenuation: dB
Min. Return Loss: dB
 Using ideal resistor values (infinite return loss):
Rpi: Ohm
Rpo: Ohm
Rs: Ohm
 Using closest standard resistor values:
Rpi: Ohm
Rpo: Ohm
Rs: Ohm
Actual Attenuation: dB 
Input Return Loss: dB 
Output Return Loss: dB 
Custom Resistor Values:
(space separated sorted list. can use 'R', 'K', 'M'. Ex. 0R1 11.3 1K21 1M01 1.50M)

Resistor values...