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CPW (grounded) line calculator

A Grounded CPW transmission line calculator. Verified with Agilent LineCalc and Agilent Momentum simulations.

Typical error is a <10%, but could be more if taken outside recommended ranges.

Conditions (weak microstrip mode, low side capacitance):

S>>T,  H>T,  0.125 × W ≤ S ≤ 4.5 × W,  W + 2 × S ≤ 5 × H, dielectric constant >3 for higher accuracy.

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Distance units: 

Substrate Height, H  
Trace Width, W  
Thickness, T (1oz=1.4mil)
Gap, S  
Substrate Dielectric Constant, Er (FR4: 4.2-4.8)
Effective Er  
Intrinsic Impedance, Z0 Ohm